Why Apis?

Whether your job requires you to make sales, design campaigns, or manage a team, you’ve probably felt frustrated with how hard it can be to get other people to buy in and say “yes.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Apis Communication Science was designed with people and persuasion in mind. Persuasion is the process of changing people’s attitudes. And when we can change people’s attitudes, we can change their behaviors. Persuasion makes it easier to get people to say “yes,” to be more productive, to achieve their goals, to buy into our ideas and products, and much, much more.



For Organizations



On an organizational level, Apis can help your management or sales team learn easy persuasion tactics to be used in marketing, advertising, or client relations.


The stakes of your organization’s communication have never been higher. We live in a world in which the customer can drive the success of a business based on a single encounter. You and your team can learn simple, subtle persuasion tactics that blend seamlessly into your current communications that make it easier to manage and attract clients. No more casting a huge net looking for prospects; persuasion means you can work smarter, not harder.

Persuasion isn’t marketing.

Persuasion isn’t sales.

It’s a set of simple tactics you can use in addition to whatever process you are currently using to make it more successful. You can use these tactics in your campaigns, emails, conversations, and more to increase buy-in.

At Apis, persuasion tactics are easy to learn. You can find short how-to videos describing dozens of persuasion tactics in the Apis Store.




For Individuals



On an individual level, Apis can help you learn how to use persuasion in your daily communication for things like negotiations, public speaking, sales, and management.


Positive and productive connections with others are what help us get what we want out of life. At Apis, you can learn persuasion tactics that can help you create those connections, get investments and buy-in, reduce conflict, increase commitment and follow-through, and more.