Q: What can persuasion do for me?

A: Subtle persuasion tactics can make sales and marketing work better and faster. That means fuller funnels and more conversion.


Q: What is persuasion?

A: Persuasion is the process of changing people’s attitudes. When we can change people’s attitudes, we can get them to buy in.


Q: Do I have to start my marketing or sales strategy from scratch?

A: Heck, no! That sounds like a lot of work. Persuasion tactics are just easy add-ons. Add them to what you’re already doing to make your job easier and your outcomes better.


Q: Is persuasion hard to learn?

A: No! You can join your peers in learning how to use persuasion tactics in just five minutes with my short Persuasion Pollination how-to videos. I break every tactic down into easy, actionable steps.




For Organizations



Do you work in marketing or sales? Does your business have a funnel? Do you worry about conversions?


You can use easy persuasion tactics in your ads, emails, and conversations to get more people to buy in quickly and efficiently without selling to them.

Q: I don’t like selling. Can persuasion help me?

A: Yes! People turn off when they know they’re being sold to. They don’t know when they’re being persuaded! That means you can get buy-in without ever having to “sell.”


Q: Is persuasion a replacement for my marketing or sales strategy?

A: No. Persuasion isn’t marketing or sales. It’s a set of easy tactics you can use in addition to whatever you’re already doing. Persuasion tactics will just make your current systems more effective.


Q: How do I learn to persuade?

A: You can learn easy persuasion tactics with my short how-to videos in the Persuasion Pollination program. Browse them right now in the Apis Store.




For Individuals



When you use persuasion tactics, you tend to get better outcomes in negotiations, public speaking, and sales conversations.


Whether you’ve got the gift or gab or you hate speaking and selling, persuasion makes it easy to connect, engage, and get buy-in from investors, audiences, and prospects.