Persuasion Pollination

Whether you work in sales or management or own your own business, you know that your success often depends on your ability to motivate people. To succeed, you often have to motivate others to listen, to pay attention, to say “yes,” and follow through.

You may also know that motivating people can be hard and it can be frustrating.

Fortunately, there is an entire field dedicated to doing just that. 

It’s called persuasion science.

Persuasion scientist Micah Larsen created Persuasion Pollination to teach people like you the secrets of her field. This online program is simple and easy to use at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office.

And the concept is simple. To become a Persuasion Pollinator:

  • Take the Apis Algorithm Quiz and learn which easy persuasion tactics will work best for you to motivate others
  • Watch the short videos that explain how to use each persuasion tactic
  • Start applying the easy tactics in your daily life
  • Join other Pollinators in investing in resources like the Apis Hive or Office Hours

Every day, people like you use this system to become Persuasion Pollinators, people who have the skill to quickly and easily motivate others to buy in, say “yes,” follow through, and reach their goals.

Under Micah’s guidance, they leave behind frustration and replace it with persuasion.

To get started, visit the homepage to take the Apis Algorithm Quiz.


The Persuasion Pollination program allows you to learn how to be more persuasive in your own time. But, sometimes, it helps to have more guidance.

Persuasion scientist Micah Larsen leads workshops for nonprofits, sales teams, organizations, etc. These workshops are designed around the interests and goals of the group.

Past workshops include:

  • Badass Persuasion For Women
  • Invisible Persuasion
  • How to Be A Credible Authority

During a workshop, Micah provides easy explanations for why and how persuasion works, describes fascinating persuasion experiments, and gives the audience easy persuasion tools to start using immediately in their everyday lives.

Workshops are perfect for:

  • Real estate teams
  • Sales teams
  • Interest groups
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional development groups

To invite Micah to lead a workshop for your organization, contact her here.