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Confident Communication | Women Biz Owners


This 12-week video course teaches exactly what to say so you can communicate confidently, stop second-guessing, and get people to buy into your business.



Women business owners:


stress and second-guess themselves

feel uncertain about how to talk about their businesses

don’t feel comfortable using aggressive sales tactics meant for men

worry about where they’ll get their next client.



I’m Micah and I’m a mom, business owner, and social scientist, and I know how to get people to say “yes.” I made this list of 12 tips to teach you to communicate confidently so you can focus on doing the work you love (without all the worry).



Inside the Confident Communication course:


12 weekly videos with tips you can use in your networking, emails, social media posts, and more

12 fill-in-the-blank worksheets to teach you exactly what to say and when

1 bonus introduction video (FREE)