Founders Profile

Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Apis founder Micah Dawes Larsen was raised with the classic Missouri “show-me state” values; she was — and is — genuinely curious about people.

Micah grew up riding horses and keeping honeybees on her parents’ small farm. These pastimes would eventually inspire the name of her company. Apis is the genus of the European honeybee, Apis mellifera. 

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a bachelors degree in communication, Micah strapped on her metaphorical cowboy boots and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend the Bob Schieffer College of Communication’s premiere communication science graduate program at Texas Christian University.

At TCU, Micah began conducting persuasion experiments and teaching at the university level. A far cry from her previous experience teaching first grade in rural Africa, teaching and tutoring at TCU helped prepare her for her future as a consultant.

But, most importantly, in graduate school, she learned how to use social science — like persuasion — to move the world.

Micah also served as the Director of Communications in the Texas House of Representatives. As a political message designer and speechwriter, Micah learned the value of applying persuasion science to real life.

By now, she’s put down roots in many places, but these days, Micah lives in Hellgate Canyon outside of Missoula, Montana with her husband, Eric, and their two rescue dogs, Maddox and Salem.

When she’s not reading research or creating videos for the Persuasion Pollination program, Micah is connecting with other entrepreneurs, adventuring with her family, or perusing the Missoula farmers’ market.