You’re about to step in front of an investor who could make or break your future. Everything is on the line.

Does your pitch have what it takes?

Rogue persuasion scientist Micah Larsen has years of experience writing political speeches and helping entrepreneurs pitch and get the funding they need.

Perfect Pitch is her secret to success.

Micah’s approach is invaluable for anyone looking to have a higher standard for their presentations and public speaking. She is essential to any business and any employee who wants to raise the bar. Micah can take a novice and in no time they are putting presentations together like a pro.

-Lisa Reams, Account Executive, Townsquare Media - Casper, Wy

This Program Includes:

Micah Larsen

Video 1 – Getting Started

Don’t know where to start? Intimidated? Scared? No worries; this short orientation to Perfect Pitch will get you ready to start the easy process of writing your pitch.

Micah Larsen

Video 2 – Writing the Body of Your Pitch

You need your potential investors to listen and say “yes.” In Video 2, you’ll outline the things investors want to know most about your offer and learn to tell it in an organized way.

Micah Larsen

Video 3 – Writing The Introduction and Conclusion of Your Pitch

Great pitches start strong and end strong. In Video 3, you’ll learn how to write an introduction that will get investors’ attention and a conclusion that will leave them wanting more.

Micah Larsen

Video 4 – Creating Your Visual Aid

It’s so easy to make a slide deck that hurts rather than helps. Don’t make those super common mistakes! In Video 4, you’ll learn how to create a superior slide deck.

Micah Larsen

Video 5 – Delivering Your Pitch

Even the best pitches fail without proper delivery. In Video 5, you’ll learn the right gestures, movements, and cues to use to present your pitch without a hitch.


Perfect Pitch Manual

Perfect Pitch Manual

This workbook follows the five Perfect Pitch videos. The best part? It’s fill-in-the-blank. You’ve never seen an easier way to write a pitch. You’ll also get real-world examples and tips from Micah.

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