Apis Persuasion Pollination

We want people to agree with us, buy into our ideas, and make changes. We want them to do or believe something.

We want to persuade them.

When persuasion scientist Micah Larsen created Apis and the Apis Persuasion Algorithm, it was because she wanted to make it easy for people to learn how to influence others, whether it was in a campaign, pitch, conversation, or an email.

The people who use these skills are called the Persuasion Pollinators. Pollinators are skilled in persuasion and “pollinate” others with ideas like bees pollinate plants.

Current Pollinators include but are not limited to:



Marketing managers


The persuasion tactics Micah included in the Apis Persuasion Pollination training program on this website come from research in fields like neurobiology, social psychology, and communication science.

But at Apis, you don’t have to be a scientist to learn how to be persuasive. You can simply follow these easy steps:

First, take the Apis Algorithm Quiz and learn which persuasion tactics will work best for you.

Second, watch the short how-to videos recommended by the quiz.

Third, apply them to your campaigns, conversations, and emails and watch your influence grow.