I’m Micah Larsen. I help

women business owners

communicate confidently.



Women business owners, I hear you. You’re tired. Tired of balancing work and family. Tired of second-guessing your talents. Tired of biz books and podcasts written for men. You started a business because you’re passionate, not because you want an MBA. You want to make money and help people, but you don’t always know how to talk about your business.


That’s where I come in.


I’m Micah Larsen. I’m a mom and a social scientist, and I teach women business owners how to communicate confidently so they can stop second-guessing and get people to buy into their businesses.

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Our persuasion session with Micah was fascinating and practical. The Algorithm takes universal principals about how humans think and act and puts them in a strategic formula that allows us to be authentic and effective in sales.

-Dori Gilels, Mamalode Magazine Publisher and Co-owner, Missoula, MT

I’m one of the founders of a non-profit in Casper, Wyoming and currently serving as the executive director. Micah helped us clarify our vision and mission through strategic planning and made our board more effective. She also helped to hone our public message, enabling us to raise funds and inform the broader community about our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Micah.

-Dan Odell, Executive Director, Iris Clubhouse, Casper, WY

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Second, think about what you would like to persuade your target to do. What action would you like him or her to take or what would you like him or her to believe? This action or belief is called your request.

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