Services Individual


Success in our relationships is one of the single best predictors of our overall life satisfaction. As distinguished communication scholar Katherine Miller stated, “The concepts of communication and relationships are inextricably enmeshed. It is through communication that our relationships are forged, and it is within the context of relationships that the conversations of our lives are played out”. Simply, our overall life satisfaction depends largely on our ability to communicate.

Apis provides individualized coaching for communication success. Specifically, clients can schedule one-on-one web consultation sessions with founder and communication scientist Micah Haynes to receive guidance on how to achieve optimal communication in:

  • Family relationships
  • Work relationships and interview skills
  • Personal and romantic relationships

One-on-one web consultation services include:

  • Pre-session interview to assess communication challenges
  • Hour-long web consultation sessions (inquire about by-the-hour rates)
  • Written plan for success based on scientific evidence and tailored to the client
Services Health


Trained as a persuasive health communication scholar, Apis founder Micah Haynes has studied the most effective ways to design health messages meant for both the public and the individual. Apis offers solutions for health communication interactions based on empirical data and application.

Health communication services by Apis include:

  • Public health campaign message design
  • Patient-provider communication consultation
Services Organization


The American industrial economy has transitioned to a service economy, meaning no matter what a company offers, it’s the service that builds a reputation. The customer or client uses their social network as a “megaphone” to give an organization a public thumbs-up or thumbs-down. For this reason, it is key to have successful internal and external organizational communication.

Apis offers several services tailored to organizations, including:

  • Copy-writing and message design for websites or organizational materials
  • Inter-organizational consultations to improve efficiency, communication, and productivity
Services Political


As a persuasive communication scholar, professional speechwriter, and Director of Communications for a state representative, founder Micah Haynes has the knowledge and skills to bring political campaigns and statements to life.

Apis offers various political communication services including:

  • Copy-writing for campaign and party material
  • Campaign and topical speechwriting
  • Press release and media statement design
  • Organizational consultations to improve information flow and efficiency

Whether your goals involve improving presentations, public or inter-office relations, interview skills, or conflict management join Apis & experience a transformation in your communication.