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Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Apis founder Micah Dawes Haynes was raised with the classic Missouri “show-me state” values, continually motivated by her curiosity for the intricacies of human connection.

Always an avid reader and listener, Micah was a budding communication scholar from a young age, and she remains a puzzle enthusiast and professional problem- solver. However, it wasn’t until after her thirst for knowledge brought her to the University of Missouri that she discovered her aptitude for studying communication in an academic setting.

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors degree in communication, Micah strapped on her metaphorical cowboy boots and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend the Bob Schieffer College of Communication’s premiere Communication Studies Masters Program at Texas Christian University.

At TCU, Micah began conducting experimental health communication research, studying numerous other areas of the communication discipline, and teaching at the university level. A far cry from her previous experience teaching first grade in rural Africa, developing curricula for college courses began the “educator” stage of her career.

Micah has also served as the Director of Communications for Texas Representative Nicole Collier. As political message designer, head speech writer, and public relations manager, Micah learned the value of applying communication research to the real world, earning the opportunity to write introductory speech material for the likes of Senator Wendy Davis during her run for Texas governor.

These days, Micah lives in Casper, Wyoming with her fiancé, Eric, in their first home, affectionately dubbed “Little Blue House.” Eric’s career as a physician in rural Wyoming coincides with Micah’s career in studying and apply health communication. In the future, they plan to work as a team in disaster relief and global medical efforts.

About Micah

When she isn’t busy reading research articles or telecommunicating to work for Apis, she enjoys tackling DIY projects, cultivating a perpetually-struggling succulent garden, baking cupcakes, and adventuring in the outdoors with her fiancé. Mostly, she strives to live a life of continual learning and exploration.