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When we think of “communication,” often we think of the act of sending a simple email, or having a conversation over coffee. The assumption, however, that anything having to do with communication is simple is patently incorrect.

The reality is that human communication is a barrage of messages, an onslaught of meaning, and a sea of potential mistakes and misinterpretations.

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Every individual and every organization is guilty of committing innumerable communication errors on a daily basis throughout this process, missteps that lead to broken relationships, missed opportunities, and barriers to achieving the personal and professional goals we all desire to reach.

This is where Apis comes in. Whether your goals require you to date, debate, or delegate, Apis can help you overcome the biggest barriers to your optimal communication.

This company, founded with its roots in academia, draws from bodies of research in numerous areas of communication science to sort out the inherent messiness of human communication. The field of communication science is the close study of verbal, nonverbal, and computer-mediated messages, starting from their origin in the sender’s brain to their resolution in the minds of others.

Apis decodes decades of cutting-edge research from communication science — a highly underutilized field of social science — and applies it to the problems we encounter every day in our intimate and business relationships.

These issues can range from public speaking anxiety, uncertainty about your relationship, conflict with a work superior, miscommunications in communication via technology, professional negotiations, challenges in family relationships, barriers in health campaigns, decreased information flow, finding the best way to create persuasive messages, anxiety about job interviews, difficulties in creating or delivering professional presentations, and countless other topics.

It was once said that “when you are in conversation, you are in combat.” This phrase only begins to address the inherent messiness of human communication and the challenges that Apis effectively addresses. In the areas of interpersonal, organizational, health, and political communication, Apis Communication Science delivers applicable, accessible, informed solutions to the social problems that plague you.