Imagine being able to understand motivations, change attitudes, avoid conflict, & achieve every goal in your personal & professional lives.


This is not clairvoyance. It’s communication science.

Our Substance

As a distinct blend of communication and science, Apis offers direct insight into the intricacies of human relationships. Despite its tremendous value, this field remains a well-kept secret from the general public due to a disconnect from the scholars who created it.

Apis Communication Science is a direct conduit of information from academia to people & businesses seeking improvement.

Our Delivery

With one foot set solidly in social science and the other in application, this company draws from research in family, organizational, interpersonal, persuasive, political, instructional, and health communication to help diverse clients overcome their unique challenges.

Apis can improve the efficiency, effectiveness & productivity of your personal & professional lives.

Join Apis on the cutting edge & experience a transformation in your communication